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Building A ‘Forever’ Hamptons Home

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When Queensland couple Lisa and Wayne Patterson wanted to build their dream Hamptons home, they turned to McCarthy Homes, experts in adapting the Hamptons look to the Queensland climate. We chatted to both the homeowners and building designers about how this Hamptons dream became a reality.


“My dream home has always been a Hamptons design,” says owner, Lisa Patterson. “We just wanted an open style home that flowed effortlessly, and took advantage of the water views and breezes afforded by our block of land.”

In response, McCarthy Home delivered a design for a calm, relaxed retreat in keeping with the quiet, island-style waterfront location on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

The design incorporated features that bring to life the feeling of being on the open water, such as clean Linea™ weatherboard lines and an understated, ocean-inspired colour palette.

“After catching up with the McCarthy Homes team to run through the plans, it was as if I had drawn them up myself!” says Lisa

“They had not only presented plans of my dream home, but a home we had decided would become our forever home. They nailed it first go!”



Clean cut lines, open, light-filled spaces and a neutral colour palette are just a few of the features that define this Hamptons home. Give the home’s location on Queensland’s Gold Coast, McCarthy Homes cleverly adapted the traditional American Hamptons look to suit the laid-back Australian coastal vibe.

“The use of Scyon Linea™ cladding on this project has totally defined the end aesthetic of this project,” says McCarthy Homes. “The clean, straight lines provide a façade with a distinctly modern take on a classic coastal style, while creating a seamless indoor-outdoor transition from the backyard through to the living and dining areas.”


Creating a distinctly Australian Hamptons look was just what the owners of this home had in mind.

“I would describe the look as a blend of Hamptons, beach and Queenslander,” says Lisa. “I love the design, the use of the Linea board and external paint colours that add to the Hamptons effect. It is a family home of contentment and enjoyment that makes you relax every time you sit on the deck looking at the world pass you by.”



Overcoming key environmental and climate challenges was key to bringing this Hamptons dream to life.

Scyon Linea weatherboards were recommended to the owners due to their suitability for this project both practically and aesthetically, to create a timeless exterior that spells coastal living.

With the same traditional charm as timber boards, Scyon Linea weatherboards presented a hardwearing, low maintenance alternative that would allow more time spent relaxing rather than on upkeep and repairs. Finished in Windspray Grey, they provided a modern, coastal style that retained the charm of a traditional weatherboard. mccarthy-hamptons-image-9

“The site’s close proximity to salt water required a product that would stand up to this harsh environment,” says McCarthy Homes of the home’s east coast location. It was important that the materials used were hardwearing, as the Queensland climate can often be extremely hot and rainy. Scyon Linea boards, resistant to shrinking or swelling as well as moisture damage, were an obvious choice for a beachside lifestyle.”

“Our past experience with this product gave us confidence that Linea was the ideal product for this application,” he adds.

“A Hamptons design has always been my dream,” says Lisa, “but I think McCarthy’s design takes on more of a Hamptons beach feel. The design is very clever in that they have taken into account the Queensland weather.”

We are so in love with our Hamptons Home. We told the McCarthy Homes team that they didn’t build us a house, they built us our dream home, our forever home. LISA PATTERSON, HOME OWNER



“The final results are spectacular and the feedback from the owners, their friends and the general public – even passers-by – has been overwhelmingly positive,” says McCarthy Homes.

Both the property owners and McCarthy Homes were thrilled that the build time and final cost met the designated contract requirements perfectly. “An equivalent timber product would have put this type of cladding over budget and ultimately changed the look of the home completely,” says McCarthy Homes. “However, the products worked in perfect unison to achieve the desired result above and beyond expectation.”

“We are so in love with our Hamptons Home. We told the McCarthy Homes team that they didn’t build us a house, they built us our dream home, our forever home.”

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