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Expert Opinion Creating an Authentic Hamptons Exterior


Angela Fedele is an expert writer on architecture, design, and lifestyle. As past editor of Furnishing International and industry journalist at Sourceable, she is a curious researcher and enjoys providing valuable, authentic content to design audiences in a bid to inspire creative and sustainable projects.

A Hamptons design holds timeless appeal borrowed from the summer retreats of affluent New Yorkers that frequent the Hamptons coastline.

A Hamptons home is classically white, wind-swept and designed for entertainment with large open spaces. It has progressed beyond the renowned shabby beach chic design and reflects a dwelling of elegance and sophistication combined with a comforting, seaside layout.

Here we look at the design requirements to achieve your own Hamptons look in Australia:


look-2-hamptons (1) Wrap-around Linea™ Weatherboards give this Hamptons home on the South Coast of New South Wales a distinctly Australian feel.

The exterior of the Hamptons home favours traditional architecture details. Depending on where the residence is located, battling some of Australia’s harsh climate conditions such as dry, wet and humid areas will see most exterior applications requiring treatment and priming.


  • A dark coloured metal, galvanised iron or slate-tiled gabled or gambrel roof with eaves creates a crisp yet decorative add-on.
  • A gabled roof also promotes higher indoor ceilings and superior spatial awareness.
  • A weatherboard finish is almost essential to the look. Applied in a vertical matter you can swap conventional weatherboard for a product like Linea™ Weatherboards which emulates the crisp charm of timber without the challenges of traditional timber that can collect moisture, warp or attract termites.
  • Linea™ Weatherboard) is made from an advanced cement composite with the boards resistant to termites, fire, moisture damage and flaking from shrinking and swelling.
  • For homes located in bushfire prone areas, the boards also have a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating of up to 40 (this equates to extreme radiant heat).


Light, open spaces are essential for creating a seamless indoor/outdoor transition.

A Hamptons home design prioritises natural light through its placement of well-spaced windows, sliding and French doors.


  • Bi-fold doors are commonplace on balconies and ground floor decking spaces, working to blur the boundaries of indoor/outdoor spaces. The doors also allow for ventilation and uninterrupted coastal views.

  • Windows can be floor to ceiling full glass panes, or feature grid and wood trim for a classic and detailed look.

  • Window trimmings are best painted white and trimmings can be wood, cladding or treated aluminum. Due to the seaside being a colour muse, oak and natural hues will also work if you’re seeking a raw contrast.

  • Scyon’s Axent Trim is ideal for edge treatment for internal and external window details offering a timber aesthetic without the maintenance.

  • For added privacy, line windows with plantation shutters or sheer drapes.


  • Australian style Hamptons home veranda with sofa

  • Blue and white is a classic colour combination that will give your Hamptons home a fresh, coastal appeal- perfect for the Australian climate.

  • With so much white going on, it’s important to work in colours from the external environment for a balance through trimmings, furniture, decking and soft furnishing. ANGELA FEDELE

  • Mirroring a colour palette from the coastal environment, key colours for the Hamptons exterior include blue and white (a nautical nod), eggshell, grey and warm white and of course natural textures such as oak, jute finishes, and driftwood.

  • These natural colours also play beautifully off metallics, marble and chrome details.

  • Dark to light timber flooring that is consistent from indoor to outdoor will help create a seamless transition when stepping from inside to outside the home.

  • Make sure you pair colours between the interior and exterior. For example, painting your weatherboards in an indigo blue with white window trims, and introducing a duck-egg blue and white colour scheme to your interior decor. THE LOOK Modern Hamptons home in Queensland Masculine features and clean lines make this Hamptons home a stand-out in the Queensland suburb of Bulimba.

The Hamptons home cleverly contrasts colours and uses architectural roofing for a formal appeal. Here you can see the drama added by the gabled roof and masculine pillars that shape and separate the different areas of the home. ANGELA FEDELE

  • As mentioned earlier, a charcoal or darker roof complements the usually light and warm weatherboard aesthetic.
  • Pillars that feature in a contrast, darker colour scheme can have a matt paint finish or be decorated with mouldings and detail.
  • To soften the look, add wooden grid trims, perfect for added detail.
  • The strong, symmetrical appearance on the exterior is designed to complement the usually warm and soft interiors.
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