Get your renovation back on track in 2021


There are countless reasons why you might have decided to postpone your renovation plans in 2020. But as Australia ramps back up after months of COVID-affected life, it’s the perfect time to get your reno back on track. Here’s what you’ll need to focus on to make sure your renovation is finished in the new year.linea-hamptons-baysidedrive-jameshardie-1


During any normal year, you’d expect there to be minor delays simply because the holiday season is fast approaching. But after the disruption of COVID-19, there may be even more issues when ordering your renovation products.

You’ll want to put your orders in quickly for any fixtures and fittings, in particular. We recommend the elegant Hardie™ Groove Lining for your interior reno. It has the look of tongue-and-groove timber with the durability of fibre-cement – plus it’s just so easy to install.

For your external materials, make sure you’ve got plenty of inspiration for the look you want to create, then find products to match like Linea™ Weatherboard for the Hamptons-inspired look, Axon™ Cladding for a dramatic beachy vibe, or Stria™ Cladding for a façade that’s modern and striking.

Stuck for ideas on how to make your renovation shine? Here are some top suggestions for a 2021 reno.axon-boxmodern-exterior-drummoyne-jameshardie-_5_c7ljbw


If you’re going for a modern interior design, then you’ll want to focus on a statement piece – it’ll set your home apart from all the other houses in your neighbourhood. Whether you want something contemporary or a more vintage feel, the statement piece should function as an effective focal point in the room.

Externally, you can draw attention with colour. Go with Linea Weatherboard painted in dark or light shades that bring out other aspects of your façade.


As we head into another year, more and more people are looking at eco-friendly options for their renovation projects. You can join in the movement by creating spaces are couched in green and environmentally-friendly building practices.

There are lots of companies out there that specialise in green designs and renovations, and depending on how much you are willing to spend you could cut your energy costs by a significant margin. If a greener home is what you’re after, look out for energy-efficient windows, roofs and appliances.linea-traditionalhamptons-mtkembla-jameshardie_1


Speaking of energy efficiency, bringing lots of natural sunlight into your home will not only make it look stunning during the daytime, but it may lower your heating bill. We expect large windows to be a popular renovation trend in 2021 because they help expand your space without needing to build out.

Big windows make your rooms look bigger than they actually are, and you can accent them in line with your style with external window framing like Axent™ Trim.

It doesn’t matter why you postponed your reno in 2020 – now is the time to start it up again. Browse our Design ideas blog and Inspiration Gallery, and use our helpful renovation guide when it’s time to get back to work!

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