The Blue Lagoon build: Final Exterior Reveal!

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Kyal and Kara

Kyal and Kara have spent the past few months pouring their blood, sweat and tears into finishing their Blue Lagoon project. Now, their exterior reveal marks the end of the journey.

Let’s see how the couple’s vision came to life and explore why they chose James Hardie™ products to create the ideal Mediterranean coastal home in picture-perfect Bateau Bay.



Kyal and Kara’s Central Coast home is not your typical modern coastal build. They were determined to add some Mediterranean flair through their design and their choice of building products.

Rendered curved walls bring authenticity to the project, while mixing Linea™ weatherboard cladding with traditional stone and timber defines a standout façade that would look just as comfortable on a Greek island as it does in stunning Bateau Bay.

To top off their exterior reveal, the couple showcased their villa-style backyard – complete with eye-catching pool – where there’s a perfect marriage of form and function.



In order to build a home that could weather the elements of a beachside location while also providing visual excitement for the owners, their guests and even passersby, Kyal and Kara found James Hardie was up to the task.

They chose Linea weatherboards not just because of their high-quality design and how well they complemented the other building materials, but also because of their durability. Linea is the ideal solution for homes built close to the coast because it won’t damage or warp from the water, salty air or the sun.

Moreover, the couple say James Hardie products allowed them to design the Australian–Mediterranean coastal look they were going for from the start.

“The design of this home was all based around the James Hardie weatherboards for a crisp, white, coastal look,” says Kara. “The James Hardie weatherboards have definitely helped to achieve that modern coastal look that we were after.”



For Kyal and Kara, their dream was to turn the Blue Lagoon into an ideal coastal retreat that blended a laid-back Aussie lifestyle with the eye-catching designs of a Mediterranean build. They achieved this using the right products for durability and a modern coastal look, but they also focused on a few ‘mini projects’ that helps the Blue Lagoon stand out from the crowd.

In addition to their villa-style backyard and studio retreat for guests, the pair added a rooftop garden to bring the vibrancy of the Mediterranean to NSW’s Central Coast.

When thinking about how to add your own individuality to a building project or renovation, consider what you want out of your home. Are you keen on creating an inside-outside flow? Go for an open-plan design. Do you want a retreat away from the kids or guests? Think about a secluded rooftop area or studio space where you can escape to your own sanctuary. The options are endless. The Blue Lagoon build might be over but you can relive every stage of Kyal and Kara’s journey by subscribing to their YouTube channel. It might just inspire your own modern coastal renovation!

Learn more about the high-quality products used for the Blue Lagoon by contacting James Hardie on 13 11 03 or find a stockist near you.

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