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Double Storey New Homes

Delightful double storey homes make the most of small lots and their second levels can give them architectural appeal.

Double Storey Street Appeal

Double storey homes can be built on smaller blocks allowing home buyers to spend more money on their home and less on the land. Lot sizes can be as tiny as 250 sqms. For larger lots, double storey homes allow for yard space to be retained for children, pets and pools.

Two storey homes are popular with families with school age children who need more space. Typically living areas are on the lower level so they connect to outdoor areas and bedrooms are upstairs. Some families insist on living areas on each level. One for children and the other as a sanctuary for parents.

If building a high set home obtains a view, then the living area should be built with a large deck on the upper level and the lower level, which will be darker can be used for bedrooms. Care should be taken to choose a quality floor substrate with underlay and carpet so those sleeping aren’t woken by others walking around upstairs.

If you’re going to have stairs make them a grand design feature. They can be an excuse to create a void which lets light deep into the home.

Double storey homes can look grand and architectural in the following styles:

  • Box Modern. A flat roof design, where the shape of the home is a combination of 3 or 4 offset boxes, often in different textures or shades of colour. Some project, others recede and those on the upper level are cantilevered out to provide protective cover underneath.
  • Minimalist. Consider two boxes with a pared back aesthetic. Focus on balance and proportion to achieve a zen-like calm.
  • Mixed Materials. When your home is a similar layout to your neighbour’s mix and personalise the cladding choices to create streetscape diversity.
  • Hamptons. Two storey Hamptons home designs are grand. They provide a large canvas for beautiful eave details, posts and balustrades.

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