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Exploring Scandi Barn Style and Design with Catherine from The Stables

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The Stables

We recently spoke to Catherine Heraghty, the owner and Creative Director of The Stables, to get her tips and insights on the Scandi Barn Style and the design process that leads her to achieving her vision.

Known for her soft and muted colour palette, Catherine focuses on clean lines and natural light. She seamlessly adapts to many styles to assist her clients reaching their design goals. Proving neutrals to be anything but boring, she makes the most of natural materials by layering texture and patterns to add depth and warmth to each and every room. Catherine had the task to design a moodboard and then create a vision of how she wanted her dream façade to look. Catherine found the moodboard helpful in narrowing down her material choices and found it gave her clarity when her vision appeared in form of a render.


Tell us a little bit about the Scandi Barn style and what are key features?

The Scandi Barn style inspired facade is something we are seeing more and more of in the Australian residential market, it’s an Australian contemporary take on a Scandinavian Farmhouse look. It’s key design features would be clean lines, a gabled roof with a lack of eaves, cladding, simple exterior finishes, an emphasis on subtle texture and a contemporary colour palette featuring contrast.


What do you find most difficult when designing a facade?

Designing a façade is actually a little out of our comfort zone, we are traditionally focussed on all things interiors. Without fail however, we always end up consulting on something to do with the exterior in all of our projects, so we have picked up more confidence and experience as the years have gone by! I would say the most difficult thing when designing a façade is considering all of the different elements and ensuring that they work together. There are so many different decisions from roof colour, exterior cladding selections, driveway finishes and window colours. The list is long!


What is your vision for this home?

This home is inspired by a Scandi Barn aesthetic by featuring clean lines and subtle texture. However we have opted for a warmer colour palette for something a little different, something that would be suited to a coastal location perhaps! Points of interest would be moulded exterior lighting, warm timbers, crazy paving, breeze blocks and hints of curves within the design.

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What are your 3 top tips when pulling together the vision for your home?

  • Consider how all external elements will work together, from cladding, to colour palette, to landscaping. A cohesive look is key.
  • Introduce texture for subtle interest such as Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding
  • Ensure every design decision relates back to your original concept.


What are your tips when creating a moodboard for your home?

Have fun with it, moodboards are the perfect opportunity to get creative and inspired! Start with your concept and include snippets of key design features so when the project is underway you can go back to your original mood board for guidance when making decisions.



Try designing a Scandi Barn moodboard for yourself, simply collect images that inspire you and head over to Style Sourcebook and start layering each product, this will create a clearer vision for your façade.

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