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Case study: Crafting Glenn Buchanan’s outdoor room renovation!

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Rod Jones

Renovating a home’s interior is a challenging yet common project that thousands of Aussies tackle every year. Taking on an outdoor space is another kettle of fish, with considerations like pools, decking and privacy at the heart of key decisions.

We sat down with Glenn Buchanan and builder Rod Jones to discuss Glenn’s ideas for a modern-look outdoor reno and how James Hardie products elevated the entire project.


When his family made the decision to put in a pool, Glenn knew he had to reinvigorate his home’s entire outdoor area along with it.

“I have young children who need to be supervised in the pool and I wanted an additional decking and seating area with a privacy screen – one that was comfortable but also looks great,” he says. “We also love to entertain and wanted different ‘zones’ in the backyard to achieve different objectives: eating, cooking, seating, relaxing.”

But Glenn also wanted to ensure any renovation aligned with the current style of his home. “We really wanted the space to match the modern architectural style of our home, in neutral tones that wouldn’t date. We also knew that the materials we selected for the decking and screening had to be hard-wearing and durable, as they are close to our pool.” DSC_8424-1024x682


That need for hard-wearing and durable materials put Glenn on a search for the ideal provider, and it was a mixture of recommendations from friends and social media inspiration that led him to Hardie™ Deck and Linea™ Weahterboard by James Hardie.

“HardieDeck is a great solution for areas around pools,” he says. “We didn’t want all the constant maintenance hassles associated with timber decks, and we wanted confidence that our investment would last for the long run! The Linea weatherboard screen also ended up giving us much better privacy than other materials could, and it provides a visual connection to our home’s cladding.”

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“HardieDeck’s durability made it the obvious choice for this project. The lack of constant maintenance it requires met our clients brief perfectly. The installation is a simple procedure and for the style Glenn described they were after, we knew it would be a perfect match” Rod Jones


The 2019–20 holiday season has been the Buchanan family’s first chance to properly enjoy their newly renovated outdoor space – and Glenn says they couldn’t be happier.

“This is the first summer we have been able to really use the space since the pool was finished and we are really happy with the finished result,” he says. “The modern decking can adapt to multiple looks, making it very easy for us to change our style as we adapt to the seasons. A combination of open communication with Rod and a clear plan and budget from the start were key.”

Glenn also says the outdoor space has positively impacted the rest of his family’s home, with the long-term benefit of added value always in the back of his mind.

“It really feels like our house just got a whole lot bigger. Our new outdoor room is such a practical, usable space. I can watch the kids while they play and swim, and also know that the additional living spaces will add a lot more value to our property when we decide to sell. DSC_8045-4 HardieDeck™ & Linea™


  • Choose the right product – The wrong product can destroy any renovation, particularly when you’re dealing with outdoor weather conditions! The durability of HardieDeck™ & Linea™ Weahterboard made them the obvious choice for this project.
  • Think creatively about space – We don’t all have large outdoor spaces to work with, but that doesn’t mean we can’t come up with brilliant solutions! Talk with your builder about how you can utilise what’s available. Consider sectioning off areas with a Weatherboard barrier for privacy, or adding decking to flatten out a steep hill.
  • Think about all seasons – Plan for winter as well as summer. Your outdoor space will be used (hopefully) year-round so think about how you can make the most out of it in all conditions. The weatherproof nature of James Hardie products helps make your maintenance life much easier!

Renovating doesn’t always have to be about what’s inside your home. A fantastic outdoor living space that complements the rest of the house can not only add overall value, but improve quality of life for your whole family.

Want to learn more about how HardieDeck™ and Linea products can elevate your outdoor reno project? Contact James Hardie on 13 11 03 or find a stockist near you

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