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Home Renovation Guide

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Your go-to guide to help you achieve the renovation you’ve been dreaming of.

Many of us want more – more space, more light, more rooms. A little more money on sale day? And some of us want less – less heat in summer, less maintenance, fewer restrictions to our lifestyle.

Our reno journeys often follow the same path. They can be exciting, overwhelming and exhilarating. This guide can help steer you through every stage in the process. You’ll see tips and inspo to help you find your style inside and out. Advice on hiring experts and how to select the right products to bring it all together.

A home renovation is always a challenge. But with the right help and advice, you can manage the project today and your home will be magnificent in years to come.

This guide is easy to browse and digest. It’s broken up into 3 sections:

  • Get Started – understanding your why and creating your vision.
  • Get Planning – finding out the right materials, the right builder and rooms to prioritise.
  • Get Building – Working with a builder and staying on time and on budget.

It also has helpful advice from experts:

  • Natalee Bowen of Indah Island, Hamptons designer and builder.
  • Joe Snell, architect and author of “Your Best Home”
  • Neil Hipwell of Futureflip, influential luxury home and duplex builder.

Download James Hardie Home Renovation Guide here.

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