Tips to build your business. Part 2: Finding new clients and converting building quotes to sales.


In the crowded market of running a building business, it’s the business of finding new customers and converting them into new work that can deliver success. Nurturing new leads can be a job in itself, but an important one. Great communication and having confidence in what you offer as a builder is a great start. And often the hottest new leads can come from the customers you already have.

Consider this scenario. You’ve got spend $10,000 on your building business and have two choices:

A: Purchase a $10k ad in a local newspaper promoting your business

B: Put the $10k back into a project at the end of a build – whether that’s upgrading finishes or adding in some extras

What would you do? For Neil Hipwell, the Founding Director of one of Australia’s leading design and build companies Futureflip, the decision is choice B. Spend the money on the build to make sure your client is happy with your work and will recommend you for years to come.

So how do you turn the hours you invest in building your relationships with customers, marketing, social media promotion, meeting potential customers and quoting into sales? To answer this question and more, James Hardie has partnered with Futureflip to create a helpful four-part video series that helps builders grow their businesses. It’s packed with tested strategies for finding new customers, experts tips, and easy to follow advice.

Using James Hardie’s expertise and Neil’s knowledge from building over 90 homes, the second chapter lays out 5 concrete steps showing “How to find new clients and convert quotes to sales”.

“The best marketing tool you can invest in is a host of happy clients who won’t hesitate to refer you to family, friends and acquaintances,” Neil Hipwell – FutureFlip

With practical pointers based on over a decade of real-build experience, the chapter shows the importance of actively pursuing leads to help builders make the most of their hard won opportunities and create a pipeline of new work.

The chapter looks at:

  • The importance of confidence as a builder
  • Why word of mouth or referrals is crucial to generating new business
  • The value of making communication
  • Why builders need to focus on clear and transparent quoting
  • The benefits of the myHardies platform – a virtual community for builders to join who would like to grow their business and be connected to consumers who are looking to renovate.

Watch chapter two of the James Hardie and Futureflip Build Your Business series below. Missed chapter one? Check out Part 1: Social Media for builders.

Looking for consumer leads? Sign up to myHardies and connect with potential customers in your local area planning to build or renovate.

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