Villaboard Lining™ by James Hardie. It’s what’s inside that counts.

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Project Name
House 13
Annangrove, NSW
Project Type
Rawson Homes
Building Designer
Three Birds Renovations

For Three Birds Renovations, each new project is a chance to create the perfect home - from the inside out. The team have been renovating,  building from scratch and flipped homes together since 2014, and have since branched out to passing on their hard-earned knowledge through their online learning platform, The Reno School. Years of experience means that they have wheelbarrow loads of wisdom to share, especially how to take control of your project by choosing the right products including the right lining for your build. 

The hallmarks of Three Birds design and builds are spacious homes with that focus on the finer details: spectacularly coloured tiles, luxe fittings and hand-picked artwork. While the exteriors are an aesthetically-pleasing focal point, the team also emphasise the importance of knowing what is going on behind the walls. 

And for Three Birds, Villaboard Lining™ by James Hardie set the standard for linings so you can have a “worry free” reno or build. “We have used Villaboard Lining for many years,” says Erin, one of the trio behind Three Birds Renovations, whose latest project, House 13, used the durable and resilient material in the wet areas across the house and luxurious cabana. Made from moisture resistant fibre cement, Villaboard Lining provides superior protection for  front-of-wall finishes. “The last thing you want is something that will swell or rot or warp,” says Erin. 201208THREEBannan-4729-scaled

Villaboard Lining can be used on walls and ceilings in bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and high-traffic areas, and even in multi-residential and commercial buildings. With Three Birds’ ultimate goal being a "worry free reno or build,” having a lining that protects your foundations while still enabling aesthetic design choices by giving a solid and reliable base to work from.  

A behind-the-wall back up

Villaboard Lining is inherently moisture resistant due to the way it is made and won’t rot. “If the worst was to happen in your wet space, and your waterproofing fails,” says Erin, “rest assured: with this Villaboard product installed, you’re in safe hands.” This means that it won’t deform or lose its structural integrity, so you don’t have to plan for rectifications down the line, which take up precious time and can eat into your budget. 

Strength behind the scenes  

Villaboard Lining is thick and sturdy, and unlike plasterboard, it doesn’t need a coating. That strength and protection means it has another feature that outdoes standard plasterboard: it has incredible hanging power. The reliability of Villaboard Lining means that you can add tiles, hooks and fixings to your walls, safe in the knowledge that the tensile bond strength is up to 75% greater than wet area plasterboard.  


Ahead of the curves  

Villaboard Lining is not only functional - it enables unique design ideas that can be applied to wet areas for maximum wow factor. Due to the flexibility of the material, it can be used in curved spaces, such as showers, making it an aesthetic and practical choice for design as well. The Three Birds team used the Villavboard to great effect in the Moroccan-inspired shower recess of House 13, which curves around a central gold shower fitting. The curve allows for a better use of space, and they could rest easy knowing that the structural integrity of the shower is preserved.  

Making sure that you nail your renovation or home build the first time, means making informed decisions about the very foundations of your home. Villaboard Lining by James Hardie creates a versatile, waterproof canvas that keeps everything behind-the-wall safe and secure, while still allowing the front of the wall to be the hero.  

Key features of Villaboard™ Lining:  

  • Durable wet area lining sheet that is resistant to termites, rot and damage from moisture.  
  • Suitable for use in fire and acoustically rated systems, with a fire resistant rating of up to 60 minutes when used with HardieSmart™ wall systems.
  • Creates suitable surface for tiles or paint. 
  • Long edges recessed for easy flush jointing. 
  • Quick installation, through gun-nail to timber frames or screw to light-gauge steel frames. 

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