Why we chose cladding by James Hardie for our Three Birds Dream Home

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When it comes to your home’s exterior, you want to get it right. It’s the first thing you see when you pull up in the car, so you want to make sure it puts a smile on your dial. And the street appeal of your home will have a big impact (good or bad) on its market value. You know what they say, first impressions last. When we’re making design choices for the exterior of our homes, it’s all about how we want the home to look… so we turn to our vision board. The vision for our latest project, our Three Birds Dream Home, built by Rawson Homes, was ‘Coastal Cool’ and we chose Linea™ Weatherboards by James Hardie to create the perfect look to achieve this style. Here’s why:


The Modern Coastal Look

To achieve the coastal fresh look we were going for, we chose Linea™ Weatherboards in the 180mm thickness. We’ve used it before so know it’s a goody and knew it would provide the Modern Coastal Look we were going for through its smooth, contemporary profile, with deep shadow lines. Whatever look you choose for your dream home, James Hardie has a cladding option for you – they’ve got vertical and horizontal solutions to suit all

The Benefits of Linea™ Weatherboards

As well as looking fabulous, we choose Linea™ Weatherboards for their product credentials. They’re made from fibre cement, a combination of wood fibres, sand and cement which means it is super-durable and won’t warp or swell. It’s also resistant to damage from moisture and termites – all the things that make timber weatherboards look shabby overtime. They’re low maintenance and won’t need to be repainted as soon as timber boards either.

James Hardie’s range of fibre cement products are also bush fire resistant so are suitable for use within fire-rated properties. The thick boards allow for tongue and groove ends, meaning they can be joined without a supporting stud to reduce wastage and cost, making them a great choice for your budget too.

If your vision is for a dark home, like House 9, you can be confident using Linea™ Weatherboards with dark colours too. Many timber and wood composite weatherboards recommend against painting dark colours as it accelerates deterioration but you can rest assured Linea™ Weatherboard’s fibre cement composition will stand the test of time, opening up a world of design aesthetics and choices of colour for your home. RETOUCHED_LOW_threebirdshouse14_PM0110House14-Outdoor-Back_hires_JacquiTurk-scaled

Space-saving Solution

The most common alternative to building your home with cladding is to use brick veneer. With brick you’ll lose up to 14cm of internal floor space, right around the perimeter of the house, as brick is a much thicker substrate than cladding. If you’re building a Three Birds Dream Home on a smaller block size, you’ll be thrilled we chose Linea™ Weatherboards instead of bricks because maximises space, giving the homeowners more bang for their buck in their living spaces. ThreeBirdsHouse14-Day410156House14-OutdoorBack_web_JacquiTurk

Aesthetic Options

For an extra high-end look, we finish off the corners with Linea™ Aluminium Corner Soakers (or as we call them, Christmas Trees) … because the devil’s in the details.

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