Build as you sell.

A cost effective dual boundary wall solution between tenancies designed to provide fully detached construction in townhouses and terraces with minimum offset.

To provide you with the best possible solution, we continually update and enhance our design guides. Please download the latest HardieSmart ZEROLOT Wall System Design Guide before use. 

Design flexibility.

HardieSmart™ ZEROLOT™ Wall System is a game-changing smart system. In multi-occupancy projects, it has the distinct advantage of enabling construction of all dwellings in your development independently. This results in flexibility of building process and improved business cash flow.

Maximise floor space.

HardieSmart™ ZEROLOT™ Wall System also offers a higher property value for the same block of land by providing fully detached dwellings and increased internal liveable space. For instance, on every 10m wall length you gain 2.45m² of internal space per dwelling.# 

Made-easy specifications.

HardieSmart™ ZEROLOT™ Wall System is an alternative to conventional brick walls. By removing excess material and trades, HardieSmart™ ZEROLOT™ Wall System simplifies construction and gives you a complete solution with all James Hardie components covered by the one product warranty.**

System information.

  Fire Resistance Level (FRL): 60/60/60 min/wall
(one way)
  Thermal Performance (Total R-value): 2.1 per wall
  Acoustic Performance (Rw): 47 - 48 per wall
  Structural Bracing (kN/m): 4.0 - 10 per wall


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Note that the above performance values may vary, please refer to the latest HardieSmart™ ZeroLot Wall System Design Guide for more information. 

For design guides and compliance documentation relating to the previous version of HardieSmart™ ZEROLOT™ Wall System, contact James Hardie on 13 11 03. 

# Compared to a standard brick veneer wall of 230mm in wall thickness.
** Terms and conditions apply and does not cover installation.